Fun Facts About Jelly Belly

Anatomy of a Jelly Bean

Distinctive Shape
Flavored Polished Shell
Chewy Flavorful Center
  • Every bean is signed with the world famous Jelly Belly logo
  • Each bean has a distinctive shape
  • Flavor is packed into both the chewy center and polished shell
Chewy Flavorful Center

Quality Takes Time

Calendar with 14 days Calendar with 14 days

It takes 7to14 days to make one Jelly Belly jelly bean

America's Favorite Flavors

  • Very Cherry
  • Buttered Popcorn
  • Licorice
  • Sizzling Cinnamon
  • Juicy Pear

The Flavors Kids Love

  • Berry Blue
  • Green Apple
  • Cotton Candy

Most Controversial Flavor

Buttered Popcorn

You either love it or you hate it - buttered popcorn is the most controversial jelly bean flavor (runner up: licorice)


What a Variety

Display of 72 flavors of Jelly Belly jelly beans Display of 72 flavors of Jelly Belly jelly beans

Jelly Belly produces more than 100 different flavors of jelly beans

Bean Counting

Jelly Belly beans are made per second

beans are eaten each year

If you laid all those beans end to end, they would wrap around the Earth approximately 5 times!

The amount of Jelly Belly jelly beans made in one day is equal to the weight of 24 elephants

Well Traveled

Jelly Belly bean art of President Ronald Reagan

Jelly Belly jelly beans have even been to outer space! In 1983, President Reagan surprised Challenger astronauts with Jelly Belly jelly beans.

President Ronald Reagan's signature

Jelly Belly jelly beans became a staple in the White House during President Reagan's term in office.

Legacy of Candy Corn

3 layers of color. 1 flavor throughout.

It takes three days to make one kernel

Original advertisement of Goelitz Butter Sweet Candy Corn - Something worth crowing for

We have been making candy corn in the U.S. longer than any other manufacturer

3 layers of color. 1 flavor throughout.

The First of Many

Green Apple

The original 8 flavors introduced
in 1976 were