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Black Jelly Beans for Snacking and Sharing

When you think of Jelly Belly jelly beans, the last color that probably pops into your head is black. We get it, we’re most famous for our fruity, colorful, and flavorful mixes such as Very Cherry, Sizzling Cinnamon, and Buttered Popcorn. These Jelly Belly jelly beans have competed for the title of the most popular Jelly Belly bean for decades—but we love black, too! Jelly Belly black jelly beans are the perfect choice for the licorice lover in your life. They also make a fantastic complement to your elegant or traditional event décor. At, you’ll find black Jelly Belly beans in whatever quantity suits your needs and budget. We offer a bulk discount for all of our authentic candies, so you can enjoy the same true-to-life flavors at a discount price.

What Flavor are Jelly Belly Black Jelly Beans?

We currently offer only a single black jelly bean flavor: Licorice. This classic flavor was introduced in 1976 as one of the original eight flavors, so it’s been with us as long as we’ve been making our premium jelly beans! Black Licorice jelly beans may not be loved by everyone, but they have one thing that makes them distinct, that’s their easily recognizable flavor. Whether or not you’re a true licorice enthusiast, we give the same authentic, bold flavor with our licorice jelly beans. Our licorice Jelly Belly beans are made with high-quality, real ingredients for the most authentic flavor experience. This means that they will always delight the diehard licorice fans. They’re perfect for candy lovers of all ages who enjoy rich, authentic flavors.

Licorice History and Fun Facts

Black licorice may be an acquired taste, but it’s also one people have been acquiring for hundreds of years. Its history can be traced back to the early 1500s, when black licorice was cultivated in a monastery garden in Pontefract, England. Not surprisingly, that same town became the hub of the licorice confectionery industry.

In addition to its distinct taste, natural licorice has been used for medicinal purposes. We’re not going to get into these here since we’re candy makers—not doctors—but we do love the fact that licorice has such a solid place in history and people’s lives. We pride ourselves on offering flavors that mean the most to those who have enjoyed our authentic premium candies for years.

The telltale taste can be a bit challenging to describe, although those who know it, know it well. It's very rich with a mix of sweet and somewhat bitter. Some have even linked it to fennel or anise. Those who love it tend to love it with a passion and those that don’t, the same. The licorice lover in your love will thoroughly enjoy our black jelly beans, we promise.

One more fun fact about black licorice? Those who are fans often consider themselves a little bit wild. They’re frequently spontaneous, outspoken, adventurous—and tons of fun. This definitely aligns with the overall Jelly Belly personality. We love giving adventurous eaters a variety of flavors to enjoy, whether on their own or in combinations. This includes gross jelly bean flavors too, with our BeanBoozled Challenge.

Bulk Black Jelly Beans for Weddings and Events

Not only is the flavor of black Jelly Belly jelly beans a major draw—for licorice-lovers, anyway— but so is the color. These black candy beans are some of our most versatile options for event décor and candy favors. Our black Jelly Belly beans can bring a sophisticated, spooky, stylish, or moody feel for whatever vibe you’re going for. Best of all, black matches everything. Black jelly beans are extremely popular for celebrating team or school colors, so they can be used for unique and affordable class reunion favors and spirit day gifts. Our black jelly beans can be used for a myriad of events, in the classroom or as home décor too.

We know that licorice is one of our most polarizing flavors because you will either love it or hate it. No matter your take on the flavor, you have to admit the color can be used and enjoyed in so many ways. Our black licorice jelly beans make a great wedding or party favor at events where black is a primary theme. You can also pair our black Jelly Belly beans with white jelly beans for your black and white affair, or complement it with something more bold and vibrant for a pop of color. We offer licorice jelly beans in bulk 10-pound cases that include 400 beans per pound, so you can easily incorporate this classic candy into your wedding or event centerpieces, favors, and candy buffets too. Order your black Jelly Belly beans today on our online candy store.